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Published : 22 jun 2021
Current Version : 1.2
Updated :

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Package Details

Mql5 market:


Please try Backtest with the lowest spread : ( Multi currency ) Any accounts Types ,

The indicators used in this expert have nothing to do with the standard indicators in the market and are completely derived from strategy

Time Frame :  M5 ,M15 , M30 , H1   Earnings will vary in each timeframe

, currency pairs   EURUSD ; GBPUSD ; USDJPY and more ...


Live signal





Not Martingel, not Grid, 

Multi Currency) Ability to work in all currency pairs simultaneously


Requirements , Important points for running a EA:

Account type required: ECN 

Broker type: Works in all brokers 

Currency Pairs: All  Currencies 

Monthly profit limit: depends on your risk, which is adjusted by changing the size of the lot in the EA parameter

Time Frame :  M5 ,M15 , M30 , H1   Earnings will vary in each timeframe.

To use the backtest, please use the best settings ( setfiles) that are specific to each currency pair, and you can download these setfiles in the overview


Important note :

Please download setfiles before doing a Backtest , Default setting EA is not correct


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