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What is algorithmic trading?

Automation of technical analysis and trading process
Algorithmic trading is a process of trading with the help of special applications - trading robots (or trading advisors). They operate automatically and do not require the presence of a trader. Their task is to analyze quotes, various indicators, with the help of which they perform trading operations in accordance with the algorithm embedded in them.

Perhaps you already have a trading strategy, according to which you trade manually and make a profit? Then you can formalize it as your own robot and free yourself from the routine of market analysis and trading.

Is Forex trading For you?

You never know before you try. For a lot of people Forex trading has become not only their passion but also a source of income. Who knows, maybe you can become one of them.

What are trading robots?

Tools for trade automation and analytics
A trading robot is a unique tool for a stable profit. Trading robots are designed to completely replace the trader in his routine work in the financial markets. Their main advantages are high speed of calculations and the absence of any psychological factors inherent in a person. If you recalculate the indicators when each new bar appears, then you will not have time for other aspects of our life. Otherwise, you risk missing a good signal. And the situation on most pairs is changing every second.

It was for this purpose that trading robots were created. They are able to instantly and accurately perform the required calculations, to monitor simultaneously a multitude of currency pairs. As a result, any trading strategy gets a new stage of development - the ability to get a stable profit on an ongoing basis.

Where to buy a trading robot?

Thousands of proven FX are posted on our service
Trading with trading robots is available to everyone. To date, there are a huge variety of robots. They work on different pairs, on different algorithms. These are special software solutions for trading platforms, the use of which does not require the possession of special knowledge.

Is Forex with IQ Option easy?

Forex, as any other financial market, is never easy. However, we get rid of unnecessary complications that make trading look overly sophisticated — so that you can concentrate on the markets themselves.

Is Trading for everyone?

Yes, everyone can become a trader. Your results will depend on your skill, knowledge and effort, not your age or country of origin. This is what everyone likes about trading.

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