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about us ENZOFX tests and evaluates automatic trading strategies. It is our concern to bring software-based trading systems closer to every private investor. Because with the help of computers it can be possible to leave out emotions when trading.

 Emotions kill returns. That is why professional traders or investment houses rely on their often fully automated trading systems. In addition, computers are a big step ahead of humans in terms of speed. 

Before we even think about how we should place which trade when and where, the computer works through a certain trading routine in fractions of a second and finds a strategy for us that is matched with many indicators and information and implements it.

The main focus of is on Metatrader 4/5 as a trading platform and Forex Expert Advisor. We want to provide you with the latest news, forex basics and tips, EA tests, EA ratings and advice, and spam / fraud warnings. In our Expert Advisor tests we will examine back tests and optimal settings. 

We also offer a trader community where you can discuss and comment, including forex expertise such as a Metatrader installation guide including forex videos, expert advisor installation, the best indicators and the best forex broker including forex broker comparison

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